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This website allows users to access Ohio Incident-Based Reporting System (OIBRS) data on use of force incidents occurring in Ohio. Users can filter the data by several data elements including year. Ohio law enforcement agencies voluntarily report OIBRS data; therefore, users should keep the following points in mind:

  • Not all Ohio law enforcement agencies' data are available through OIBRS.
  • Law enforcement agency participation in OIBRS use of force reporting has increased since the program first started collecting the data in 2018. As more agencies submit their data to OIBRS, the more use of force incidents enter the system. Thus, users should make year-to-year comparisons of statewide or countywide totals with caution.
  • This site is posting all use of force reports submitted through OIBRS, and does not necessarily reflect all reports to-date from the participating agency. Data entry and validation processes for agencies can vary and impact timing when agencies submit reports to OCJS.
The use of force data on this site is based on the information in the State's OIBRS database at the time the report is created by the user. Results for the same report may change over time based on any updated/new information reported by the participating law enforcement agencies in future OIBRS use of force submissions to OCJS. The accuracy of the use of force data on this site is based on the information reported by the participating law enforcement agencies. Any verification on the data or for additional explanation involving the incident must be obtained through the reporting law enforcement agency.

Definition of a use of force incident for OIBRS reporting purposes

Use caution when analyzing incidents with officer response type of "Other Force Type Used". Some agencies' policy requires a use of force report when officers display force, such as weapon displayed but not discharged, while some agencies’ policy does not. Although those types of reports are not part of the definition for what OCJS collects through OIBRS, some agencies are reporting these instances in the OIBRS database as "Other Force Type Used".

For reports with multiple Subjects and/or multiple Officers, a value for a field such as Subject(s) Injuries will display if at least one Subject sustained the injuries, not necessarily all Subjects in the report. Similarly, if multiple Officer(s) Force Type(s) are listed with multiple Officers, at least one Officer used the listed force types, not necessarily all Officers. For multiple Subjects, the list of values for Subject(s) Resistance Type(s) indicates at least one of the Subjects resisted one or more of those types based on the values displayed, not necessarily all Subjects. Conversely, if one value is reported for Officer(s) Force Type(s), that indicates all Officers listed in the report used that force type.

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