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This website allows users to access Ohio Incident-Based Reporting System (OIBRS) crime data on certain violent and property crimes occurring in Ohio. The data can be queried by law enforcement jurisdiction and year. Because participation in OIBRS is voluntary, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Not all Ohio law enforcement agencies' data are available through OIBRS.
  • Only agencies with complete January-December, January-June, or July-December data are included.
  • Law enforcement agency participation in OIBRS has increased over the years. As more agencies submit their data to OIBRS, more crimes are reported. Thus, year-to-year comparisons of statewide or countywide crime totals must be made with caution.
The crime data on this site is based on the information in the State's OIBRS database at the time the report is created by the user. Results for the same report may change over time based on any updated/new information reported by the participating law enforcement agency in future OIBRS crime data submissions to OCJS. The accuracy of the crime statistics on this site is based on the information reported by participating law enforcement agencies. Any verification on the crime totals must be done through the reporting law enforcement agency. For frequently asked questions, go to the following link: Frequently Asked Questions

Make your selections below to create the desired crime report. For the FBI's crime definitions, go to the following link: Crime Definitions

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